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No Really, This is my First Post

January 6, 2010

Yes, I started this blog almost exactly two years ago and have since allowed everything else to keep me from really starting it. Nothing big, just life. Even last year I was determined to really start blogging, and I didn’t, it was even a New Year’s resolution.

This year my resolution goes like this…Do What You Want To Do When You Want To Do It. That’s the only one for this year because it is a blanket policy for almost everything else I want to accomplish. I’ve realized that I allow too many ‘things’ get in the way of finishing or even starting ‘things’. Every time I start a project I think about all the other things I should be doing. You know, laundry, bills, dishes, Christmas decorations…things that always get done eventually anyway. So what usually happens when I start this line of thinking, that I should be doing something else…I end up doing nothing!

Therefore – DWYWTDWYWTDI great acronym! My theory is that I’ll be so full-filled and happy that I did something I wanted to, I’ll be pleased to do that other trivial stuff! Ah, sometime anyway.

I had a wonderful shopping experience at Ace Hardware with a couple of friends today. I’m going to take some photos of our purchases and blog about it…well…maybe tomorrow. -later emm

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