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The Stars, The moon, Oh Yea

January 12, 2010

Oh boy, the moon and stars were spectacular this morning! I would say I wish you were there, but really it’s our time. Me and my spazdik dog, Scottie. Our walking time is in total darkness this time of year and it’s nice. It was about 36 degrees, so not too cold as we set off down the big hill in town, I noticed right away that it was incredibly clear and very dark. Then we came up the hill the back way, off-road. I let Scottie go free and had to watch my footing, but at the top of the hill I had to stop, a couple of times, just to take it all in. The moon was just a sliver, slightly above the horizon and every star was visible.

This is the time of year when I really start to crave longer days. But today was an exception. I’ll take it!

Scottie and MeHere’s the spaz and I out front later today he would not cooperate! Ethan, my photographer, was still able to get a couple of good shots.

Scottie and Me

Scottie is an Australian Shepherd Lab mix about a year and a half old.

Loot from walk

And here’s the loot I picked up when we went on one of our longer weekend walks, (during daylight!). Actually this is stuff I’ve seen forever along our trails, but I happened upon the rusted coiled wire for the first time and couldn’t pass it up. And once I took out a bag…well…I just had to fill it! Pretty great stuff right? I know you’re all jealous! Anyway, hopefully you’ll be seeing these pieces show up somewhere along the way in my artwork. Maybe it will make sense then, maybe not…in the eye of the beholder right?

Soon I’ll take the camera out with me and show you some of my routes. I love this town. Scottie does too.

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