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First Sunday with no Football

February 27, 2010

We’re a family again, no more divided lines on what to do. Brad and Ethan watching football while Jackson and I do our separate things. We decided to test out our new tent in the park next door because our yard is too small! So here they are rolling it out.

Testing the Tent

Testing the Tent

Pretty easy so far.

Testing the Tent

Had some rough spots getting the rain fly on. As you can see this tent has a doggy door. If you look close you’ll see Jackson in there. He thinks it is a Jackson door.

Testing the Tent

The cops came by to make sure we weren’t trying to camp overnight! Brad of course knew the nice gentleman. He knows all the cops. Now don’t think bad thoughts, it’s because of his job at the radio station. He talks to them every day! So the next hurdle is making this thing fit back in the bag it came in.

Testing the Tent

Had to re-roll it a few times, but we got it to work! Now we just have to wait for nice weather.  It’s been rainy 🙂 and cold 😦 since our trial run but we know, the warmer weather is soon to come! Brad still sniffles some on Sunday morning.

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  1. kacky permalink
    February 27, 2010 12:24 pm

    U guys. Looks like fun for u , not us

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