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2009 Art Unraveled Techniques Chunky Book Take One

January 19, 2010

Okay, here’s the new adventure. I’ve signed up to be part of the 2009 Art Unraveled Techniques Chunky Book. For this chunky book exchange you need to have had a class at the 2009 Art Unraveled gig and your page is to represent a technique you learned there. As you already know from my last posting, my surprise technique I learned was how to paint again, and really enjoy it. So that’s my big exciting technique, painting a background!

Back ground in stages

I started with a cheese crisp box from the Mexican restaurant down the street (Su Casa, love it!). There are some cuts in the box making some of it unusable, but I was able to get eight 4 x 4 inch pieces anyway. I made 4 of them for a total of 32 pages. Since I only need 29 I can properly screw up 3 of them! (Can anyone say hello to Christmas mini-presents for Vicki and Cheryl this year?).

Finished Back ground

So the technique is simple, mix your acrylic paints with water to make a proper wash and apply colors until you are happy. It works best to start out with a dark color and go lighter or visa versa. You can use a heat tool to speed up drying times. But be careful if you are using a cheep surface like mine. It will bubble up if it gets too hot! Lovely rich colors!!!

I also enjoy blotting some paint away with a paper towel to get a faux texture.

Azo Gold Rag

This paper towel has so much paint on it (Azo Gold, yea!) I’m going to save it. Yes, I am a bit stingy. But it suites me! Anyway, I’m also showing you my stubby fingers in this shot because I derive a measurable amount of joy by seeing paint on my fingers. Of course it translates to creativity to me that I get reminders of every time I look at my hands until it completely washes off. Am I alone in this feeling?

Back side of back ground

On the backside I went for a slightly drier brush effect, just for sh*ts and giggles. I must admit at this point how much I thoroughly enjoy mass production pieces. The maturation from piece to piece thrills me!

Cut to size back grounds

Ta Da! All cut up. I had envisioned myself with my straight edge and x-acto blade deftly cutting these out at home when I realized…duh, there’s a big cutting board at work! Done, now for the embellishing. Will have to think about that some. Show you later.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize, these photos aren’t my best, acrylic paint reflects even the smallest amount of light. I had to take them with almost no lighting and there you have it.


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