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Mingus Mountain and The Dream

January 27, 2010

Here’s my mountain. Mingus Mountain. This is about as much snow as we ever see on it. It reminds me of Wyoming, where I grew up. It’s been a while since I’ve been back there. Have gone on a couple of trips by myself, but not with Brad and the boys.  We’ve planned several trips, but something else always comes up. So Brad promised me we will go summer of 2011. Of course Yellowstone is #1 on the list of places to go. We have also been talking about renting an RV for any trip really, so Brad’s been hot and heavy about looking into making it happen this time.

I have dreams about Yellowstone all the time. But this last one really tops it all. We were in our rented RV, Brad driving, me in the passenger seat, kids somewhere in the back, enjoying Yellowstone. At first everything seemed normal then we started careening around the cliff edges and I was scared to death! So needless to say, I’ve decided we will NOT be taking an RV to Yellowstone!

So then we are parked somewhere and we rent…bears! Yes, we rent bears and are riding them along the roadside! And I remember thinking, “Oh, all the cars are going to create a ‘bear jam’ trying to get a look at what they think are wild bears. But they’re just rented bears, stupid people.” Then we come across a porcupine, a big porcupine, about 5 feet long! But he was very docile and quite happy to see us. He rolled over on his back and I petted his tummy with my foot. Something tells me this is a symbol of my spastic dog!

That’s all I remember. I’ve been smiling for days. Enjoy!

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